Theres stacks of questions going around about the G-spot at the moment, so the Sh! Girlz have taken an expert look at a few of the most frequently asked. I heard the G-spot doesnt exist. Is that true?

Back in January, the media declared that the G-Spot didnt exist, based on a study done by scientists at Kings College, London. That study was pretty flawed: for instance, they didnt ask any lesbian or bisexual women, or any women who hadnt had heterosexual intercourse, about their G-spot, and they ignored the 56% of women studied who said yes, they DID have a G-spot.

The study doesnt prove much, except that the media will always distort results for a better headline, and even scientists dont necessarily ask the right people the right questions. Q:  Ive looked and looked but never found it  is there something wrong? Absolutely not!  Maybe youre not a G-spot gal, and thats fine, some ladiez just dont get that thrill. But theres lots of other yummy things to try  anal play,clit play, and lots of other funQ:  What is a G-spot anyway?Sh!:  What we can say is that its a sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina. No one seems to be sure of what it is biologically (and no wonder sex toys for men, when all the scientists are busy telling us were making it up). It might be:1) The female equivalent of the male prostate glad, or P-spot.).

Penis and testicles, it provides a comfortable restriction that enhances erections by restricting blood flow.No surprises there.he excitement comes in the form of the two vibrating bullets - there’ one for him and one for her.The smaller bullet sits beneath the testicles, enhancing his pleasure and the intensity of his orgasm.The larger bullet sits at the top of the cock ring and features a ghoulish pair of fangs that press against the clitoris dur.

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