And I haven’t got a clue as to why. Its funny because now I find myself wishing that he would do it again because I now remember after I had got used to it that it really turned me on.

At first I felt strange and dirty, as though it was meaningless sex and I meant nothing to him but it turned out that I meant more to him than I had imagined. Now I sort of wish that he would do it again. In fact I may just b.

Would put that proposition to my bosses. Even if Tommy couldnt do it, which I would bet my entire treasure box on hehe, Im sure there would be alot of other people that would be willing to try it out. I think this is a great idea so tomorrow I think i may drive to Birmingham and speak to my boss about it.Jake and i are having a movie night tonight. We have just watched The Impossible and I crit.

To form in my throat and a few tears fell down my cheeks. I sighed and walked back into the living room, to where Jake was sitting reading the newspaper. He had already packed and was all ready for the move. He would be leaving tomorrow because he was due in work at his new store on Monday. I would be joining him on Monday afternoon. Wow was i really doing this??????Well tonight is my leaving do so I will be getting ready shortly. I am looking forward to i

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