Illustrate the pressure you like on your clitoris, the speed you like, what other areas of your vagina you like to be touched… and then gradually ease your hand away.I need some way to train my boyfriend how to pleasure me as he seems to have no idea and I feel cruel telling him he’s doing it wrong! It’s gotten to the point where I just avoid it and I'm in need of some tips.It’s difficult to tell a loved one they aren’t quite hitting the spot, but how do you think your boyfriend would feel if he knew you weren’t enjoying sex with him, and were perhaps even faking it for his benefit? Avoiding sex won’t be good for your relationship, so you need to take action.Don’t tell him he&rs. ress and you as her ‘slave’… Whatever you have in mind, this is new territory in your relationship, so I suggest you broach it very gently, and start with just the idea of her being the boss and taking control.
Endorphins flood my system; the burning pain in my back is now a searing pleasure, even as the friction of your chest pressing against it makes it more raw.“God, Ella, you’re magnificent.”Your hands snake round to the front of my hips and pull them back towards you. Your cock nudges the entrance to my cunt and then you plunge it up into me with a deep throated groan. The noises you make when you fuck me are my reward and inflame me every bit as much as your touch. I tighten my muscles around you because I want to keep you inside me for as long as possible. But you draw in and out, creating heat and friction to drive me wild. I try not to moan and I do my best not to come without permission. But you make it so damn hard. With your hands on my hips you push me down onto your cock and then you grind two fingers against my clit.

When you’re next having sex, you could suggest that she goes on top, and then as you’re both getting turned on, tell her just how much it turns you on to see her riding you. (Remember humour is allowed, too!)Another way of introducing new ideas is to exchange whispered fantasies whilst you’re touching each other during foreplay. The fantasies don’t have to carried out then and there, but if you’re sharing them whilst things are getting steamy, then the ideas register for future reference! If you prefer, you could always use Tracey’s idea of t.the pain.? I will pass this test, whatever more you have in store for me, I will pass it. I’ll endure the pain because when it finishes I’ll revel in the touch of your skin against mine.“Aaaah!”I didn’t hear you coming towards me; I didn’t hear the paddle cut through the air. I felt it land on my right buttock. A studded paddle.? And as I let myself cry out in pain, now you will hit me harder on the left side. I bite down on my bottom lip but nothing can prepare me for the flat sting and the engulfing wave of pain which follows it, radiating through me hard and fast. I taste blood in my mouth and there are tears in my eyes.

I yank my wrists against the cuffs to counteract the sting which still reverberates through my lower body.You press your hand against my left buttock. It’s cool and soothing and my need for you flares up through the pain. You let your fingers slide down between my legs to feel the moisture there and as you touch me, so sweetly, I gasp.“Don’t come, Ella,” you say.? “Not until I give you permission.”But your fingers are lingering, exploring my cunt at their leisure, and my hips flex outwards from the cross to offer better access.I whimper and your hand withdraws.? The bite of the paddle comes again, on both sides in quick succession, and although I manage not to cry out, my legs buckle beneath me, leaving my wrists bearing the full weight of my body.? From my neck, now, to the top of my thighs, the back of my body is a blur of pain.? My legs tremble uncontrollably and I have to grit my teeth to stop myself from sobbing.Your hands support my hips and your body is pressed up against the length of mine. As I gradually regain my composure, you let your hands wander up and down my back, tracing the marks you have made with your finger. You kiss my shoulder and I let my head fall back, allowing you to nuzzle my neck. I hear the noise of the zipper being pulled and then the sound of your jeans dropping to the floor. Your cock presses hard against the small of my back, sending a flutter of anticipation through me. I press my hips out against you as your hands caress my inner thighs. I lose control. I cannot fight it and I am overwhelmed. My orgasm rips through me and as the muscles of my cunt pulse around you, I cannot hide what is going on. My back arches and stiffens and I cannot suppress the moans caused by the intermingle of pleasure with pain.You pull out of me completely and then suddenly plunge back in, hard and fast, making me shriek as my climax reaches new heights. Your hands rise to my breasts and your hips grind me hard against the cross. I feel the tension in your muscles build as you push deeper into me and then I know you’re coming as well. As you climax you bite my shoulder and I lean back against you, gasping as I welcome the pain.But I have come without permission.You slump against me and the salt in your sweat stings the welts on my back.“Have I failed the test?” I whisper.“The test has only just begun, Ella.”?********About TamsinAs a naughty girl on a journey of self-discovery as an erotic writer, Tamsin Flowers is as keen to entertain her readers as she is to explore every aspect of female (and male) erotica.? Hoping to touch you on your most erotic zones, she writes light-hearted stories that are sexy and fun, perfect for reading on your own or with someone in whom you have more than a passing interestIn the words of one reviewer, “Ms. Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body. The story is sharp, flowing and very interactive.”Short stories by Tamsin can be found in anthologies from Xcite Books, House of Erotica and (soon) Cleis Press.? She is currently working on a number of novels and novellas.

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