Saround the world have incorporated sex toys in partner sex.• 20% of men reported using a vibrator.• Women who are inrelationshipsare more likely toown and use sex toys. 78% of women who use or have used a sex toy reported being in a relationship.• 20% of Adults reports indulging inkinky play, including masks, blindfolds or bondage.It appears to me from these statistics that sex toys are not just becoming a girls best friend, but now because of the wide range of toys for boys; sex toys are becoming a mans best friend also.So, what is your reality?

Is there a sex toy in your past, present, future or nightstand drawer? Not only do sex toys bring something new into the bedroom, they tomorrow i will be back to my normal self. I cannot believe it is bloody snowing again.I have put a quiz on the facebook page for those that like quizzes and there will be another one tomorrow.

Dnt bear the thought of leaving my friend Tommy. I also love my job, as you all know hehe; but i have also fallen for Jake and he has asked me to move with him if he gets the job. I suppose, because its only an hour away I could travel to work because luckily because of my line of work, I only need to go in a couple of times a week just to speak to my bosses and to fetch a few more additions to my treasure box. As for my family they would totally understand and Jake and I could visit whenever we could. But the problem is Tommy. I just know he will be heartbroken.

I just hope that if we do move then theres a spare room, so that Tommy could come and stay whenever he wants to.However these are all ifs and buts, because the truth is; I dont know if im that brave and i have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that we will part ways after tonight...but i do h

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    Yeah, this is my little blog for sex toys, and i will introduce many kinds of sex toys, such as dildos,vibrators,sex dolls and others.


    March 2013